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    National park "Samarskaya Luka" is a unique natural complex, which is situated on the territory of Samara region. It-s inhabited by rare animals and contains several types of plants that do not exist anywhere else on earth and have been growing on this territory before the glacier period. Nowadays those who are responsible for taking care of and preserving this unique place are destroying it for their own personal needs. Illegal hunting and fishing has been going on here for decades covered by the park rangers and park administration who actually live off this trade. Park ranger use helicopters for hunting, and 17 dams are built on the territory of the park for industrial fishing.

    Since 1997 a group of activists ecologists has been struggling for taking measures to stop the hunting and fishing in the area. After ineffectual appeals to the local and area authorities to punish the poachers ecologists decided to act on their own. Several of them were threatened and assaulted by the local gangs controlled by the park authorities. Three ecologists got arrested at an attempt to blow up one of the dams.

    This summer radical environmental movement "Rainbow Keepers" and cultural center "Duplo" opened the protest camp on the territory of the park in order to take some action in fighting with poachers and to draw public attention to the problem. On July 10 we destroyed water-preserving mechanism on one of the dams. We also held some protests by the court building during the hearing of the case of ecologists who were arrested. We were harassed by the local Fascists- group, and visited by the KGB member, who got completely fooled by us (sucker!!). In the afternoon he was dragged 7km to the dam and back just for nothing. Poor guy looked pretty tired by the end of the journey.

    We are planning on some more active protests and on destroying as much dams in the area as possible. Our camp is going to be open till the end of the summer. We welcome all the people who would like to participate in our action or give us some help in any possible way. We will be glad for any help and any new people!

    How you can find us or get a hold of us:

    Telephone numbers in Russia: (8462)79-33-78 v Number of the camp in "Samarskaya Luka"

    (8462)35-32-62 - Information center in Samara. (if you are on your way, you can spend the night there)

    (8462)30-13-61 v If you could not get a hold of anyone by the previous numbers, use this one!

    E-mail: duplork@mail.ru


    Address for additional connection:

    Russia, 443004 Samara, ul. Kaliningradskaya, 26-11,

    tel. (8462)30-13-61 - cultural center "Duplo" Press center of "Duplo" Rymar Sasha