Radical environmental movement « Rainbow Keepers»
Invites to a traditional international environmental actioncamp:
Votkinsk, Udmurtiya, Russia
July - August, 2001
Against corporation Lockheed Martin

Action-camp in Votkinsk
In the summer of 2001 radical environmental movement «Rainbow Keepers» with support of Socio -Ecological Union and Union for Chemical Safety is organizing series of the actions to protest against construction of a complex for incineration of propellant in the city of Votkinsk (Udmurtiya).
The beginning of the action- July 15, 2001.
In the 1st of August the regional ( Eurasian) PGA conference will be held in the action-camp. And the «Rainbow Keepers» conference 4 will be held Approximately in August 4th.
The Background
The complex is being delivered by the corporation Lockheed Martin (one of leading Aerospace corporations in the world, biggest military-industrial transnational in the world, and most important contractor of the US army and NASA) on the USA governmental money. The USA itself have refused from this project because of high environmental risk. It was decided to construct complexes in Russia and Ukraine. Ukrainian project is more secure, since it is based on diverse principles of salvaging the fuel.
Apparently the corporation and USA government are willing to use former USSR as a dumping ground or test site.
The complex is being planned in a location 4 km from a large city and thus it is threating the nature, human’ health and life.
The inhabitants of Votkinsk and neighbour Chaykovskiy have been protesting against the project already for a few years.
In 1999 there was a regional referendum, the result of which was that 94 % of the inhabitants has expressed against construction of the plant.
However the referendum results soon have been abolished by the authorities.
In this way, the state not only violates rights of the citizens for healthy environment, but also their rights for self-management and to decide their own destiny.
After trying all possible options to solve the problem by ordinary means, witrh a little success, the local people called the «Rainbow Keepers» to back up their protests.
The actioncamp will start it’s activity near the plant approximately on July 15, 2001. Anyone, who interested can participate the actioncamp.
City with the population about 100.000 and with military industry.
Votkinsk is the motherland of the famous russian copmposer Petr Chaykovskiy.
There is a museum of the composer in the city. Votkinsk is located on the River Kama side (Volga’s tributary) , surrounded by beautiful woods, lakes and wild nature. Administratively Votkinsk belongs to Udmurtia Republic, called so on after the name of indigious populalion of this plase.
The neightbour city Chaykovskiy is located on the other side of the Kama river administratively belongs to the Perm oblast’.
Who Are the “Rainbow Keepers”?
The radical environmental movement «Rainbow Keepers» has arisen from mass people’s protests against environmentally dangerous objects in Volga region at the end of 80 years of past century.
Since then every summer the «Rainbow Keepers» organises the actionacamps and other environmental, antiwar and antifascist actions in various cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Czech Republic.
The «Rainbow Keepers» movement is decentralized. There are no official leaders and everyone participates in decision making
The «Rainbow Keepers» movement is not professional and noncommercial, all the participants of the actions are volunteeres and active because of their own will and for own means. Voluntaty donations are also fund the actioncamp activity.
«Rainbow Keepers» movement is tolerant and pluralistic, therefore there is no place for the people with fascist or authoritarian ideology. And a lot of room for any other people.
«Rainbow Keepers» is open- to anyone who wants to join the movement - she/he need just to take part in it’s actions.
The long-term actions.
The basis of the «Rainbow Keepers»’ strategy are the long-term actions of the protest.
The efforts are directed not only to the solution of a certain problem, but also to development of the civil initiatives and self-management on the local level.
Camp of the protest
The action is going this way: the tent actioncamp is set near the plant, and becomes a centre of resistance. Living in camp the activists organise various actions every day in city, region and near the plant. Starting from small demonstrations and propaganda, activists are involving local population and, step-by-step moving to harder direct actions, for example, blockages. Besides the regular work with mass-media, festivals, round tables etc. is going on.. Those or other actions are carried out depends on the situation.
Normally, the actioncamp of the protest is working few weeks, or 1,5 - 2 month until the positive solutions will be found.
The actioncamp principles.
There is a ban for alcohol and drugs usage in the actioncamp.
Besides of that, none can have a gun or any other illegal things in the actioncamp.
All decisions in the actioncamp are being taken by general meeting of all participants.
It concerns both economic and ideology questions. Working language is Russian, second language is English, but, there will be Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Finnish translation available.
All donations for the actioncamp will be put to one box and general meeting will deside how and where to spend them.
The food stuffs also are in common use. Cooking is centralised, but taking to the count the needs of vegetarians and people with other food requires.
How to take part in Protest Camp
You can contact the representatives of «Rainbow Keepers» in Europe:
Helsinki, Finland
Mira Heija
tel. 358-50-5978069
or Tuuli Hakulinen
Bruxelles, Belgium
Nathalie Melis
tel. 0032/ 476 788327
The visa
If you’ve got a problem with the visa we can help you to get an official invitation to Russia (as though for a seminar) from ecological centre «Dront» (yulika@dront.ru ). Such an invitation costs about $7, therefore you better find out first whether it is easier to get turist visa. Mention, that Udmurtian Republic, as one of the places of your visit has to be marked on the visa.
If you need invitation - firstly contact our representative on Belgium.
Assembly point in Russia
There is a possibility to get together in Russia before the trip to the actioncamp.
The point is in Kasimov (240km from Moskow), where the «Rainbow Keepers» community and house is located.
You can come to Kasimov beforehand, to be placed and to wait for the organized group leave to Votkinsk.
You can come to Kasomov from Moscow by bus. Bus leaves from the Central Bus Station (Scholkovskaya Metro Station) 10-00, 15-30, 22-00. The ticket costs about 5 bucks.
If you go by your own bus or van- we can meet you on the border and help you to get to Kasimov, and than up to Votkinsk.
There is a highway Moscow - Egoryevsk - Kasimov.
The address in Kasimov:
Ulitsa Nachalnaja 4 (Nachalnaja street, 4)
Tel. +7 (09131) 4-15-14
How to reach independently
By railway.
From Moscow by train up to Izhevsk (capital of Udmurtiya) directly or through Agryz (Central railway station on trans- Siberian line between Kazan and Ekaterinburg)
From Izhevsk by a local train or bus up to Votkinsk.
It is also possible to go by local trains all the way:
Moscow-Cherusti-Bekovka-Murom-Arzamas-Sergach-Kanash-Kazan-Shemordan-Mozhga-Agryz-Izhevsk-Votkinsk (it is cheaper, but longer and need at least some Russian language)
By highway (M7) Moskow-Vladimir-N.Novgorod-Cheboxary-Kazan-Elabuga-Mozhga-Izhevsk-Votkinsk.
From Finland it is better to go through St. Petersburg (contact to our co-ordinator in Helsinki).
In Votkinsk you can contact the «Rainbow Keepers» by phone 6-60-49 or ask the people where to find actioncamp (the camp of protest in Russian).
What is necessary to take with you
Your passport with the visa, a tent, a sleeping bag, utensils and some volume for water. It is desirable to have some stock of a cash, driving licence, dictionary, press card.
In Russia it is better to take the American dollars, other currency is better to be exchanged beforehand in Moscow.
It is not necessary to drag with itself spring water and the means of hygiene - now can be bought it and in Russia.
If you need in specific medical drugs better to take them with you. The drugs in Russia can have other marking.
How else you can help
As soon as the «Rainbow Keepers» actions are not funded by funds, you can help by fund raising at concerts, festivals, parties etc.
You can also help us by collecting equipment (we have a deficit of tents and stuffs for the actions). If you have aged computer, modem, printer -it would also be useful.
You can write the articles to your local and national press, send us copies of the publications.
You can back up the action of the protest by faxes or solidarity actions at the Russian diplomatic representations or Lockheed Martin offices places. It is specially actual in case of reprisals.
Send your e-mail address beforehand, that we could inform you about all events of the action.
Contact to us
P.O.Box 52,
Kasimov, 391330, Russia
Tel. +7 (09131) 4-15-14
E-mail: rk@lavrik.ryazan.ru
Web: www.chat.ru/~rk2000