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    P.O.Box 52, Kasimov, 391330, Russia
    phone +7 (09131) 4 15 14
    rk@lavrik.ryazan.ru, rk2000@mail.ru

    Summer protest camp in Votkinsk, Russia preliminary information

    Radical environmental movement « Rainbow Keepers» Invites to a traditional international environmental actioncamp: Votkinsk, Udmurtiya, Russia July - August, 2001 Against corporation Lockheed Martin

    Die radikale Okobewegung "Rainbow Keepers" ladt ein zur Teilnahme am traditionellen internationalen Protestcamp: in Wotkinsk, Udmurtien, Russland Juli-August 2001 Gegen den Lockheed Martin Konzern

    Le mouvement ecologiste radical Rainbow Keepers (Defenseurs de l’Arc en ciel ) vous invite a prendre part au traditionnel camp international de protestation  Votkinsk, Oudmourtie, Russie - Juillet-aout 2001 - Contre la multinationale Lokheed Martin

    Rainbow Keepersien protestileiri - 15.7.2001-elokuu 2001 - Votkinsk, Udmurtia, Venaja

    Sommerleir i Votkinsk, Russland - mot amerikansk fabrikk

    KGB report...

    " The Rainbow Keepers" half-legal, the officially not registered organization, so-called "radical greens". It has no the internal regulating documents and precise structure...

    ... Into its structure enter in the basic young people have not found itself in business or not left in criminal. The educational level - is above the average."

    From FSB (former KGB) report "Concerning movement" the Rainbow Keepers" N 16/320 from September 8, 1998.
    V.V. Chagovets - Chief of Kasimov branch Ryazan FSB departament.

    photocopy (in Russian)

    On the photo:
    Action in Kasimov - summer 1999

    On August 3rd, the actioncamp of the radical ecological movement "Rainbow Keepers" started it's work again on front of the plant Roskontact (Krotbers LTD). Activists from Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Belarus are participating in the actioncamp.

    Full Story

    " There is no other movement, before which I take off a hat. I take off a hat before "Rainbow Keepers"... All of them young, and they the people of action. They,maybe, even with any contempt look at us: when we much speak and a little we do, they do and speak a little. "

    The academician Alexey Yablokov at meeting with the vice-president of USA Al. Gor, 1993.